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  3. World of Warships Development blog BETA. Filters: Selected : 0; Change 16.05.2021 17:30 Development news; ST 0.10.5, Grand battle, disabling of friendly fire and other news. Closed testing of Update 0.10.5 begins: Grand battle event, disabling of friendly fire and other news..
  4. Development Blog. You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. Breaking news from World of Warships game development. WARNING: All information is subject to change and work in progress. ST 0.10.5, Grand battle, disabling of friendly fire and other news
  5. World of Warships Development Blog. 20,390 likes · 343 talking about this. Fresh information from the very heat of World of Warships development
  6. World of Warships Development blog BETA. Filters: Selected : 0; Change 09.04.2021 12:00 ST; ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills Development Blog; Update 0.10.3, Godzilla vs Kong. New content dedicated to the partnership with Legendary & Toho has been added to the game. Read More. 30.03.2021 10:00 ST; ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships. We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on.

World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back . 27.08.2020 17:30 Development Blog; ST 0.9.9, new ships. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. The final information will be published on our game's website. Japanese battleship Hizen, Tier IX. One of the Super. World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back . 11.03.2021 19:00 Development Blog; ST 0.10.3, Dockyard, German Destroyers. Part 1 event. New Dockyard, Early Access to German destroyers and more in Update 0.10.3. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be. World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back. 11.03.2021 12:00 Development Blog; ST 0.10.2, CHANGES TO TEST SHIPS. We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to German destroyers, Vampire II, Agincourt, Hyuga and Marco Polo. X Vampire II: Main battery reload time increased from 2.3 to 2.5 s. V Agincourt: Sigma parameter was reduced from 1.8. By Joby May 06, 2021 balance changes, world of warships, wows, wows development blog. Waterline May 2021 - Submarines in Ranked - Super-Battleships Satsuma and Hannover - Commander Skill Changes - Attack Aircraft Changes MrConway and Crysantos share some info about new content that will be landing in-game in the near future

World of Warships Development Blog. 20,393 likes · 22 talking about this. Fresh information from the very heat of World of Warships development We are excited to be presenting you with our new development blog website. Here, you will find the most recent news and updates on the development process of World of Warships. Good luck and see.. All trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships are proprietary to the respective rights holders. References to specific designs, models, manufacturers, and/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks. Characteristics of all.

Developer's Corner. Sign in to follow this. Followers 18. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. 134 topics in this forum. Sort By. Recently Updated. Last Reply. Title Developer's Corner. 134 topics 7,398 posts. ST 0.10.5, new ships DB152; By SaiIor_Moon; 41 minutes ago; Community Volunteer Programs. 9 topics 180 posts. Clan Special Test: General By Gaelic_knight; March 31; Feedback and Support. Game Support and Bug Reporting. 6,256 topics 54,799 posts. KotS Mission #7; By GoroShinori; 1 hour ago; Player Feature and Gameplay Suggestions. 3,131 topics.

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  1. This section includes the mods that affect the visual component of the game. Different ship camos and skins Customizable textures for port or combat render of the shi
  2. g.net API Learn more Explore documentation You will learn how to work with Warga
  3. Wows Stats and Numbers - das beste Online-Statistik-Tool für Statistiken und Fortschritts-Tracking für World of Warships. Bestenlisten, Schiffsstatistiken und -konfigurationen, Einzelranglisten, Teamgefechte und vieles meh
  4. 12,798 topics 605,047 posts. Superkraken Event; By GuydeLusignan Just now; Community Area. Regionale Events; Videos, Streams & Blogs

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  1. Wow. Nearly a month has gone by since the last ! We can only apologise, we didn't realise it had been so long.You are probably wanting some sort of explanation, Continue Reading Labyrinthine - Dev Blog #12. Labyrinthine - Dev Blog #11. Post published: March 27, 2020; Post category: Dev Blog / Labyrinthine; Post comments: 0 Comments; Thanks for being patient, we realise the dev blog is a.
  2. Microsoft Developer Blogs. Get the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from Microsoft. Why did Windows 95 keep window coordinates at multiples of 8? Raymond Chen May 17, 2021 May 17, 2021 05/17/21. Because sub-byte memory access is really annoying. 1. Code History. The Old New Thing . Java on Visual Studio Code的更新 - 2021年4月. Yaojin Yang May 16, 2021 May 16, 2021 05.
  3. Official channel of World of Warships, a free-to-play naval action MMO featuring large-scale sea battles with vessels from the first half of the twentieth centur
  4. Development Blog; Browse Forums Staff More . Activity All Activity More . Calendar More. More . All Activity; Home ; Forum ; English Speaking Forum ; Game Discussion ; Development Blog ; ST, visual improvements Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. ST, visual improvements. By _Weikath_, April 22 in Development Blog. 11 comments in.
  5. der) World of Warships: 14 Days Premium Account as a Gift You've stayed with WG through happy times and difficult periods, on week. by iJoby - April 30, 2021. cruiser
  6. Hello, in today's video we are going to be looking at the WoWs Development Blog update on Submarines. WG has finally given us an update on Submarines and the..
  7. By Joby February 25, 2020 arms race, maps, ranked, rewards, season, steel, world of warships, wows gamer blog. RANKED BATTLES 15 ARMS RACE On the 26th of February, the 15th Ranked season will begin. Battles will be held on tier X ships, without class restrictions, in the 7 vs. 7 format. Battles will be conducted in the updated Arms Race mode

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r/WoWs_Legends: Welcome Legends ! Jump into epic Online-battles and experience naval action in World of Warships: Legends, a MMO console game that Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. World of Warships: Legends r/ WoWs_Legends. Join. Posts Official Website. Quick WG Links. WG Blog Code Redeemer. 0.9.3 Buffs' n' Nerfs to Premium and Researchable Ships Please note that all information in the development by iJoby-March 26, 2020. battleship ST: 0.9.3 Buffs' n' Nerfs Zarya Svobody and Asama. ST: 0.9.3 Buffs' n' Nerfs WG continue to work on improving the balance in the game. The following balance c by iJoby-March 26, 2020. music The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Ft WoWs Pin-Up Girls.

Capitaine_Clement WoWs Rechercher. Rechercher dans ce blog S'inscrire. S'inscrire à ce blog. Suivre Accueil; Quelques petites infos autours du monde; GUIDES; OCG / OCG-R; Articles [DEV BLOG] ST, Cuirassés américains Publié par Capitaine_Clement WoWs le août 09, 2020 devblog news ST + 0 Obtenir le lien; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Adresse e-mail; Autres applications [DEV BLOG] ST/PT. Small, light, and unassuming, destroyers may not be the most durable of ships, but all of them are well capable of punching many times above their weight through a deadly mix of speed, maneuverability, stealth and astounding firepower. Destroyers are versatile ships which can use either their rapid fire guns to chip away at enemies or their torpedoes to cause devastating damage World of Warships Development Blog. 20.394 Me gusta · 349 personas están hablando de esto. Fresh information from the very heat of World of Warships development

Japanese destroyer Arashi, tier VIII. Arashi is equipped with 150-mm guns and Hydroacoustic search, unusual for the Japanese destroyers. The main part of the ship's gameplay is conducting stealthy torpedo attacks. Hit points - 13300. Plating - 19 mm. Main battery - 3x1 150 mm. Firing range - 11.4 km. Dispersion at this range - 100 м. Sigma. World of Warships is a naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Epic battles rage across the oceans of the world in order to claim victory among teams comprised of the greatest representatives from the era of multi-ton marine giants. In order to achieve victory in battle, players must employ a wide range of strategies in a. BLOG LISTS; NEWS LIST. April 09, 2021 Update of WWB tokenomics; March 31, 2021 2021_Q1 Development report; March 24, 2021 Notice on the completion of Wowbit (WWB) Token Swap; December 31, 2020 Seasonal Greetings and 2020_Q4 Development report; August 26, 2020 Strategic Partnership between BEAT Holding Today, we are releasing the .NET December 2020 Update. These updates contains reliability and other non-security improvements. See the individual release notes for details on updated packages. Also starting today, .NET Core updates will be delivered via Microsoft Update including Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and the Microsoft Update Catalog About Blog WoW Misadventures is a blog where a world of warcraft player shares his experiences, the fun he had playing the game, failures, tips, strategies and much more. Frequency 1 post / month Blog wowmisadventures.wordpress.com Twitter followers 9 ⋅ Domain Authority 23 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. 12

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  1. istrator. 47 posts [WG] Yuz_tea 16.
  2. Download & play the free online multiplayer naval war game. Read recent WoWS news and announcements. Become part of the Asian World of Warships community
  3. Maybe even further the development. I'm totally open for working together. I even noted what I would do to the projects if I had a second chance or enough time. You live and learn right. See you all on the battlefield! slai47/HALF. 1.3.1 (55) for WoWS Community Assistant is rolled out 100%! On September 17, 2018 September 17, 2018 By 47HALF In World of Warships Leave a comment. Change Log.

WoW defines a specific Agile working model for each product or team. It enables the team to work with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints to optimize their performance. As a result, teams adopt and evolve these methods and practices, to meet the organizational needs Greetings, sailors! Welcome to YouTube channel of World of Warships! World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action MMO that shifts players to the territory of 20th century warships. Dive into. Shadowlands Developer Update. Shadowlands. April 6th by Blizzard Entertainment. Share. Tweet. It's been five months since we first revealed our World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion at BlizzCon 2019. The whole team has been hard at work transforming the vision we laid out last November into a reality, and we can't wait to share our progress with all of you. Later this week, we will send.

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<!doctype html> <html lang=en> <head> <meta charset=utf-8> <title>Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal</title> <base href=/> <meta name=viewport content. If you run ls -a via your terminal, you will see the .git directory. By default, it is a hidden directory, which is why you need the -a flag. Place cd .git into the directory, and then run ls. You should see something like this: .git git: (master) ls HEAD config description hooks info objects refs 2 months ago. Hotfixes: March 4, 2021. Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and WoW Classic. 2 months ago. World of Warcraft at BlizzConline News Round-Up. BlizzConline has ended but we have the latest World of Warcraft news coverage right here. 3 months ago

Spiele kostenlos mit Freunden das realistischste Onlinespiel. Die Yūgure war ein Zerstörer der Fletcher-Klasse, der ursprünglich im Zweiten Weltkrieg von den USA betrieben und in den späten 1950er Jahren an die japanische Marine ausgeliehen wurde Games often have neat anti-cheating system that prevents hackers from rewriting its codebase. Some games remap themself when it gets started and then puts protections in action. Inside the game's code are CRC32 integrity checks that scan memory regions (including the .text section of the game) to check whether the code has been modified.<br> Today I will be showing you how I have bypassed the. Wir starten den ersten Teil des Double Features mit Design- und Usability-Anforderungen (auf beiden Seiten: Nutzer und Designer), wir blicken auf die Verschmelzung von DEV und UXD für gute User Experiences und erfolgreichen E-Commerce. Im zweiten Teil des Tech-telmechtels geht es dann um aktuelle Webdesign-Trends, für wen sie sich eignen, aber auch: für wen nicht. Bis es soweit ist, wartet. dev & personal blog; Text-based romance game writer. Boston. Currenting writing - Scout: An Apocalypse Story. Ask me anything! pins; itch.io; ko-fi; playlist; olivershen. Oliver Shen, from Scout: An Apocalypse Story written by @anya-dev Get some sleep. We can argue about this some other day. Every fucking day, if you'd like. All my love to @europeanguy for bringing him to life. ily.

Dev squad wows Tableau crowd with heatmaps, vizzes in tooltips, and cows! Share. Ryan McShane. Director, Product Marketing October 11, 2017. One of our favorite parts of Tableau Conference is hearing from our developers on stage and seeing them show off all of their greatest innovations. And this year's Devs on Stage did not disappoint! Shahaf Nuriel, Kent Marten, Marcelo Guerra Hahn. The Top 100 Personal Development Blogs are ranked in order from the most-trafficked (largest number of visitors) to the least-trafficked (although the smallest in this case is still a Top 100 Blog!) There are two primary tools that have been used for determining this ranking. Firstly, I have used the Alexa rank of the website as the primary ranking method. Alexa provides a relative ranking of. WoW Classic. For all things World of Warcraft Classic. 9. Flamelash. 109. Gandling. 66. In Development. Discuss our In Development content. 0. Mograine. 196. Nethergarde Keep. 89. Support. Problem installing? In-game or account issues? Come and join us here in Support. 0. PORTUGUESE FORUMS. Fóruns de Discussão sobre World of Warcraft em Português. 51. PVP. Discuss Arenas and Battleground.

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Developer Bulletin 0.8.7. 08/02/2019 37149. New features are arriving in the game, including Directives, a unique Commander, and a collection, as well as AA defense improvements, an updated matchmaker and a new system for the battle chat! These and many other things await you in the 0.8.7 Public Test. IMPORTANT The Plesk Blog AllPodcastProduct and technologyPeople ArticlesVariousGuidesTips and easy-readingPartnersPlesk news and announcementsEventsBusiness and industrySecurity alertsLearningPartner NewsFun and gamesFeatured Next Level Ops Podcast: Must Haves for Managed WordPress Hosting with Andrey Kugaevskiy Read More Children's Day Reflections, Brought To You By Our Favorite Pleskians Read More. Developer Blog. First update of phase 1. What devs did and what devs plan: phase 1 developer update. Andrew Strokov Andrew Strokov 1 Sep 2020 • comments. Flipper Zero. Campaign is over. What's next? Our campaign is finally over. These were the most incredible and motivating 30 days in the life of our team. Thank you all for your support. We will try our. Pavel Zhovner Pavel Zhovner 30 Aug. Today, we're releasing the first preview of x64 emulation for ARM64 devices to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel starting with the Build 21277. It can be installed on Windows 10 on ARM PCs by following the instructions as explained in this blog post. When we first launched Windows 10 on ARM in late 2017, the long tail of apps customers needed were dominated by 32-bit-only x86 applications. Project Tye. Project Tye is an experimental developer tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier.. When building an app made up of multiple projects, you often want to run more than one at a time, such as a website that communicates with a backend API or several services all communicating with each other

JK's dev blog. Home; Speaking; Brisbane AI UG; Cognitive Studio; About me; Blazor Using AppSettings in Blazor WebAssembly. While client-side Blazor technically isn't yet stable, I love working with it more than other web front-end technologies. One significant hiccup I found while developing Cognitive Studio is having environment-sensitive configurations for the . Jernej Kavka (JK) EF Core EF. passionate about web and development. blog.derbumi.com passionate about web and development Blog; Chris Neukirchen Verfasst Mai 12, 2007 Filed under: Uncategorized | Comments (1) IST EIN GENIE! Ich glaub in den letzten 1.5 Jahren schoss mir der Gedanke regelmäßig durch den Kopf. Jetzt wird es mal Zeit, das laut auszusprechen: Chris Neukirchen ist ein Genie! Chris, Gratulation noch zum.

This Blog's goal is to keep you in the loop about Community Development Department activity in the City of Monrovia. Written by the City's Planning Division Staff (with an occasional guest blogger), we try our best to shake the government seriousness from our fingertips before we sit down and write each post. Although serving as a reliable source of information is our highest priority, trying. DirectX Developer Blog. DirectX Developer Blog. DirectX Developer Blog Home ; DevBlogs; Developer. Visual Studio In this blog post, we will show PC gamers which hardware fully support DX12 Ultimate, how to use Xbox Game Bar to check for DX12 Ultimate support, and where to find games utilizing DX12 Ultimate features. 19 DirectX 12 DirectX 12 Ultimate. Dev Preview of New DirectX 12 Features.

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Blog. Trading is gambling, right? This has got to be the number 1 sentiment believed by the conservative nelly, who believes that you just need to invest into the SP500 and watch your money compound over the years. While the nelly most likely is correct in their historic comprehension compounding model in the SP500, the.. Welcome to Old School RuneScape! Relive the challenging levelling system and risk-it-all PvP of the biggest retro styled MMO. Play with millions of other players in this piece of online gaming heritage where the community controls the development so the game is truly what you want it to be FLIR One Developer / Blog. Blog March 2021 Developer Update Hey FLIR developers, I hope this update finds you all healthy, busy, and happy. It's hard to believe we're already in late February of 2021 - time seems to be moving in strange ways recently - and a lot has happened since my last post so let's jump right in! New mobile apps based on [] by Cal Loo March 9, 2021. Continue.

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18,711. Hello Galactic Survivalists! Last week we made our first announcement on version 1.5 ( read here ). The main content of this update is quite code-heavy, which means a lot of things are going on behind the curtain without offering a good way to do a nice visual representation. But while our programmers do their work to prepare the game. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for License. Our freebies are licensed under MIT and designed & developed with ♥ by Sal.You can do anything you want with our free items (use it for personal, commercial and client projects) as long as you provide attribution back to us Wow! It have been a long time, seems 1 post / year is not quite a reasonable post rate for a blog, but whatever. This year was quite busy for me, meaning almost no time for dev (other than for work) I wish I could pull out the new iPodME quickly, but unfortunately I got bored with the UI stuff : the universal mac/win/linux command-line iPodME is done with all the neat presets (even with a.

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Launched in 2007 to empower WoW addon developers, CurseForge brought a modern workflow to addon management. Now having powered billions of downloads for tens of thousands of addons CurseForge is still setting the standard. Start Your Project Browse Projects Oh wow, it's been a while over 1.5 years since we've released Geth v1.9.0. We did do 26 point releases in that time frame (about one per three weeks), but pushing out a major release is always a bit more special. The adrenaline rush of shipping new features, coupled with the fear of something going horribly wrong. Still unsure if I like it or hate it. Either way, Ethereum is evolving. Today is the three-year anniversary of Yandere Simulator! As of today, March 31st, the game has now been in development for three full years! To celebrate, I'd like to share this illustration created by the wonderful Mulberry! I love this image so much! It accurately conveys the way that it feels to work on Yander / Windows Developer Blog. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on LinkedIn; Subscribe to RSS; January 22, 2018. PC. Windows Community Standup discussing the Always Connected PC Clint Rutkas; During our January 2018 Windows Community Standup, we discussed the Always Connected PC and what that means for developers. Kevin Gallo (CVP), Erin Chapple (GM) and Hari Pulapaka (Principal Group. Look for a separate blog post later this month recapping all the Chakra improvements in more detail. Developer Tools The latest update to Microsoft Edge DevTools adds a number of conveniences both to the UI and under the hood, including new dedicated panels for Service Workers and Storage, source file search tools in the Debugger, and new Edge DevTools Protocol domains for style/layout.

Planet GNOME. Sébastien Wilmet: Thoughts about WebAssembly outside-the-browser, inside-the-desktop May 14, 2021; Sébastien Wilmet: Ramblings about GNOME development May 14, 2021; Reynaldo Verdejo: Short tutorial: Digital Television with GStreamer (ATSC setup) May 14, 2021 Andy Wingo: cross-module inlining in guile May 13, 2021; Jussi Pakkanen: .C as a file extension for C++ is not portable. dev & personal blog; Text-based romance game writer. Boston. Currenting writing - Scout: An Apocalypse Story. Ask me anything! pins; itch.io; ko-fi; playlist; olivershen. Oliver Shen, from Scout: An Apocalypse Story written by @anya-dev Get some sleep. We can argue about this some other day. Every fucking day, if you'd like. All my love to @europeanguy for bringing him to life. ily. I wanted a theme in the style of Medium, and found exactly what I wanted in Mediumish from Wow Themes. I'm really happy with the theme, which makes my site look fantastic. Very well designed and professional throughout. The support team have been very helpful, even updating the theme in response to my comments. Overall a great experience. I will definitely use Wow Themes on other blogs in. Skype's new noise suppression feature can knock it out! Whether it's people talking, kids playing, the construction workers next door, or your pet dog scaring that imaginary monster away from the front porch, background noise can be really distracting when you're trying to talk on Skype Visit my blog! http://www.googlieyes.ne

The latest Tweets from World of Warcraft (@Warcraft). The world's most epic online game is free to play for the first twenty levels! Enter the #Shadowlands - Available Now. Azerot Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy WordPress.com

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November 8, 2013 BlizzCon WoW News (P2) by Raylan13 read more... Comment here! Continuing our coverage with a semi-late blog Time flies when you're scrambling to different panels for different games - here's some of the info we had yet to blog about, but thanks to our hard working community here, is likely already placed on their respective home pages Mediumish is a WordPress theme inspired by Medium's beautiful and simple design. Mediumish is ideal for blogs and magazines (photography, personal, travel, hobby, lifestyle, web development etc). It works out of the box, activate the theme and your website will look just like the demo with the help of Kirki Live Customizer & Gutenberg Check out the new Hyper-V, find new and easier ways to remotely connect back into the office, or learn all about Storage Spaces—these are just a few of the features in Windows Server 2012 R2 that.. Microsoft Developer. Qualsiasi piattaforma. I tuoi linguaggi. I tuoi strumenti. I nostri prodotti, servizi e strumenti. Azure. Trasforma le tue idee in soluzioni con i servizi cloud. Crea come vuoi e distribuisci dove vuoi. GitHub. Innova e collabora con 40 milioni di sviluppatori da tutto il mondo..NET.NET è una piattaforma open source per sviluppatori gratuita e multipiattaforma per la. Tower Blog - About Web and Software Development, Marketing and Design. The 2021 Mac Dev Survey results are in! Learn which technologies, tools and resources developers on the Mac prefer! Home; About; Introduction Developer Profile Tech and Languages Learning Development Tools Other Tools Not So Serious. Presented by the Tower Git client Mac Dev Survey 2021 — The Results. 4,072 developers.

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Keeping your blogs fun and light-hearted is a great way to spur engagement with your team or organization. You can see all of the supportive comments inline on the right. Blog 2: Sharing knowledge with the team. The Atlassian development teams regularly blog to get help with tough technical problems or to share how they've conquered them We are a Top Cloud Computing Company. The APP Solutions have been instrumental in rendering top-class services in mobile app development, Big Data Analytics, UI/UX designing, e-commerce, and other related services along with state-of-the-art cloud computing services. How-To. How to Create Clubhouse With the same look and feel, Mediumish is extremly easy to use, best suitable for blogs and magazines. Get it here. Buy Mediumish Live Demo. $18. Item: Mediumish. Updated: Jan 10, 2020 Version: 1.0.29. Type: Ghost Ghost Version: 3.3+. Price: Mediumish is a Ghost theme inspired by Medium's beautiful design strace Wow Much Syscall. 11 May 2014. I wouldn't dare run strace(1) in production without seriously considering the consequences, and first trying the alternates. While it's widely known (and continually rediscovered) that strace is an amazing tool, it's much less known that it currently is - and always has been - dangerous. strace is the system call tracer for Linux. It currently uses the.

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Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content Here's where most of the blog's traffic comes from. Wow! More traffic comes from YouTube than all other sources combined. Yandere Simulator's popularity can be directly attributed to Let's Players. I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who plays this game on YouTube! This blog received a lot of traffic from AlphaBetaGamer. I think that's because, for a very long time, this post.

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